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Pretrace TC55 for Singapore Peer to Peer Car Rentals

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Owning a car is extremely costly for most households, and many car owners waste a lot of free car time by letting their cars sit in car parks for nothing. The car owners complain a lot.

The car-less people see that, and don’t want to deal with it. But at the same time, they aren’t overjoyed with our public transport. Not that you can blame them, since at present the MRT service would make a monk swear.

Peer to Peer car sharing solve the above annoyance: It allows car owners to rent their vehicles out, thus lowering their costs. And people without cars now have an alternative to actually buying one.

To realize this Peer to Peer concept, the Singapore founders adopted Pretrace Vehicle GPS Tracker TC55 for renting fleet management. More than 7500 pcs Pretrace TC55 are installed on cars for car renting service.

Pretrace TC55 is a reliable vehicle GPS tracking device. With car door remote control, rentals can use keyless entry technology for users to lock/unlock the reserved cars using their mobile phones. The device can also track the mileage during a period of time accurately to manage the fuel. Renters pay fuel cost based on mileage used. By setting the speed alert, geo-fencing alert, users can better manage the driving risk. In emergency case such as anti-theft, users can immobilize the car by remote engine control. Moreover, shock detection will manage to know the cars accidents or car stolen, the fleet management center will be alerted instantly.

All these vehicle monitoring and management features will give rentals much more control on risk and in turn make the community members more safer and insurance partners more happy. Peer to Peer Car Rentals achieve great success in Asia. Pretrace Vehicle GPS Tracker TC55 is proved to its high quality and stability.

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Pretrace TC85 helps Italian Train Maintenance

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Pretrace won the project of train maintenance from Italy. about 800 pieces Pretrace TC85 asset tracker are installed on the wagons for planning orbital maintenance activities. This project is a sufficient testimony again for the stability and reliability of Pretrace’s products.

This Italian company mainly manage the transportation of railway tools. As we know, the train parts will be wore-out and corroded during the daily operations. It will lead to great loss if any damaged parts that haven’t been maintained on time. In order to ensure the safe operation and long life of the trains, this Italian company decide to plan for the train maintenance activities, and check train’s working condition regularly. After testing and comparing among so many GPS products, they finally choose Pretrace TC85.

Pretrace TC85 standby 3~6 years with its ultra-low-power technology, which effectively solves the problem of long term tracking without power supply on the trains. With the accurate positioning ability, Pretrace TC85 correctly report the train locations and mileage for reminding the maintenance activities. What’s more, it is very sensitive on detecting the vibration, which helps managers to know its movement on time.

This Italian company is very satisfied with the quality of Pretrace TC85 and our service. We keep tight cooperation for more projects until now.

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Pretrace TC56 Protect Israel ATM

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Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) are always facing security challenge as they are often placed in unattended public areas, they are subject to intrusion and vandalism, then being taken the safes that Bank will get loss. There will be a number of ways that intruders attack the machines, by unauthorized door entry, or using cutting torches to entry, or move the machines or others. No matter which way, control center should be alerted on time when any abnormal situation happened.

Our client (a Israel Company) adopts Pretrace TC56 for ATM security, 400pcs TC56 are installed inside the ATM for safes protection. By connecting with the Pretrace TC56, control center easily monitor the ATM in real time, getting alerts when ATM is attacked or the safes are stealing, the real time moving route of objects will be sent to control center and helps the police to catch the thieves in time.

Pretrace TC56, is a multifunctional GPS tracking device for monitoring fleets or valuable assets. It fits for objects monitoring that need both internal and external power supply. The small case allows itself to hide easily. With the advanced function, TC56 supports One-wire protocol, G-sensor, engine remote control, harsh driving behavior, listen-in, two-way communication, camera, RFID, fuel sensor, temperature probe and other external equipment such as humidity sensors.

What’s more, Pretrace TC56 is a model that suitable for specific customization. It has the interface of RS232/RS485, which is capable to customize different solution for specific projects. It is not only fit for GPS tracking field, but also fit for M2M applications that need complicated data monitoring.

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