Fleet Management

Advanced fleet management helps clients to track real time, save management costs, keep efficient driving and be safety. Pretrace provides the reliable tracking devices to ensure an effective management for all groups that need this service.

Fit Industries:

Rentals, Insurance, Waste Collection, Construction, Logistics, Enterprise Fleet, Government Fleet Private Car Tracking and more.


  • Real Time Tracking
  • Vehicle Security and Emergency Management
  • Increase Overall Productivity and Efficiency
  • Reduce Maintenance & Staff Costs
  • Guarantee Fuel and Gas Saving/Stolen
  • Improve Communication and Customer Service
  • Alert Abnormal Situations of Speeding/Engine Cut/Stolen
  • Remote Control of Engine/Door/ Power/Oil Pump
  • And more…

Fits Recommended: TC55, TC56

  • 3 Digital Inputs: detect doors, air-conditioner, power, lights, etc.
  • 2 Digital Outputs: connect accessories to control engine, oil pump, etc.
  • 1 Analog Input: detect fuel level, voltage level, load, humidity, etc.
  • 1 Serial Interface (RS232): be connected the equipment for management.
  • 1 Digital Temperature Sensor Interface: detect outside equipment’s temperature.
  • Two-Way Audio: two way communication.