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A woman with a suitcase walked out of a station.

Personal & Luggage Tracking

Unlike general personnel gps tracker, we are bringing a new solution for outdoor and indoor personnel tracking, and it can be easily used for luggage and assets tracking. Its small size and long battery life features make it a good choice for personnel management of various organizations

  • Tracking By LBS & Wifi
  • No Worry About Outdoor & Indoor Use Case
  • No need for frequent charging
  • Getting Alert By Motion Detection
  • Safety Assurance Via SOS Button
  • Mini Size For Carrying And Hiding

Management for reight truck of supply chain.

Asset / Vehicle Management

We name it Asset/Vehicle Management is because it not only provides location tracking service, but can also obtain more data and status information you care about through different kinds of sensors. So that you can monitor your objects from the software on your computer , or from the APP on your phone.

For instance, you provide cold chain service in your country, with our solutions, you will be able to tracking your refrigerated trucks and access to the temperature in the refrigeratory.

Implementing optimized management is no longer difficult.

  • Tracking And Monitoring Your Most Valuable Assets
  • Monitor Transport Conditions Throughout The Entire Supply Chain
  • Loading And Unloading Place And Time For Logistics
  • Improving Container/Trailer Security With Human Invasion Detection
  • Monitor Fuel Tank Level Of Your Vehicle
  • Freight Overload Detection For Prevention Of Danger

Add sensors for your vegetable farm to improve your management.

Smart Agriculture

Our Smart Agriculture uses various kinds of intelligent agricultural sensors and low consumption communication modules, building an “Internet of things” network in the farm. The network enables real-time monitoring of the climate environment and soil conditions, so that you can be well aware of the condition of production environment anytime and anywhere, and make accurate production plan accordingly.

  • Precisely Monitor Weather Conditions
  • Collect Soil Condition Data
  • Monitor Silo And Tank Levels
  • Remotely Control The Watering Valve
  • Improve Grain Stocks Security
  • Farm Worker Safety Via SOS Button