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Wireless Sensor TC100

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Pretrace’s TC100 is a long battery life wireless sensor designed for temperature, humidity, pressure and level measurement, and light, human detection, and so on.

TC100 is very useful when there is no gps signal, and yet location and other information are both important. For example, in the case of a refrigerated truck, we want to know the temperature inside the refrigerator and also the location of the truck, the combination of TC86 and TC100 will be competent for the job

For instances that location information is not necessary, TC100 is able to work independently under LoRaWan or Sigfox network. Best of all, it doesn’t need a SIM card to work, saving your budget from costly subscriptions.

Wireless sensor TC100 is small size,can be used for  temperature, humidity monitor.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor The Temperature And Humidity For Cold Chain
  • Improving Container/Trailer Security With Human Invasion Detection
  • Monitor Fuel Tank Level Of Your Vehicle
  • Freight Overload Detection For Prevention Of Danger
  • Remote Control Ability Without Wiring
  • Door Open/ Close Detection For Warehouse