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Vehicle Tracker TC56

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Pretrace’s TC56 is a traditional vehicle tracker with external cellular antenna and GNSS antenna, it has multiple digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and RS23 interface.

TC56 can be used for vehicle tracking, fleet management, equipment tracking and machine monitoring.

TC56 is designed for vehicle tracking, with external antennas, its case is aluminium profile.

Key Benefits

  • Worldwide Global 4G/3G/2G Network
  • Real Time Accurate Tracking
  • Digital/Analog Inputs
  • Remote Control Output
  • Temperature/Fuel Monitoring
  • Extensible Function via RS232
  • External Network And GNSS antennas




  • 4G: band frequancy according to region
  • 3G: frequancy 800/ 850/ 900/ 1900/ 2100MHz
  • 2G: 850/ 900/1800/ 1900MHz
  • SMS command
  • Comunicating via TCP/UDP


  • GPS chipset     U-BLOX 7
  • Sensitivity         -162dBm
  • Position accuracy    5m
  • Acquisition(Normal)  Cold<42Sec,Warm<35Sec


  • Dimension        97*65*21 mm
  • Weight     130g
  • Backup battery        3.7V/500mah
  • Operating voltage   11.3V~40V
  • Firmware upgrade  OTA