09 Aug 2016
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Joint Solution of Pretrace and Gurtam

Pretrace today is pleased to announce the joint solution of GPS tracking with Gurtam, the leading platform which has more than 13 years of best practice in software engineering in the area of GPS tracking. Gurtam team operates in Minsk(Belarus),Moscow(Russia), Boston(USA) and Dubai(UAE). Nowadays more than 900 000 units are connected to Wialon system by Gurtam.

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03 Aug 2016
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container GPS tracker

Pretrace TC56 Protect the Security of ATM Machines

ATM Machines are always facing security challenge as they are often placed in unattended public areas, they are subject to intrusion and vandalism, then being taken the safes that Bank will get loss. There will be a number of ways that intruders attack the machines, by unauthorized door entry, or using cutting torches to entry, or move the machines or others. No matter which way, control center should be alerted on time when any abnormal situation happened.

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13 Jul 2016
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Pretrace TC85 Asset GPS Tracker Helps Train Maintenance

It will be dangerous if there are some damaged components of trains that haven’t been noticed on time. The components will be abrasive and corrosive day by day during daily operation, then damage during some moment that unexpected and lead to accident. To ensure the driving safety and prolong the train usage life, it is very important to schedule the maintenance activities for the train, to check its brake, chain, bogie and much more that keep good operation.

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27 Mar 2016
By admin

Pretrace Launches Multifunctional GPS Tracker TC56

Pretrace is glad to announce that the latest multifunctional GPS tracker TC56 has launched recently for different customers’ requirement.

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01 Feb 2016
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Spring Festival, Pretrace TC80 Guarantee Your Way Back Home

Spring Festival, also known as ‘Chinese Lunar New Year’, which is the most important family reunion moments for Chinese. In China, there is a popular phrase ‘no matter poor or rich, just go home for the new year’, which expresses the earnest desire for going back home to get-together with family and friends during the New Year holidays.

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25 Jan 2016
By admin

Notice of 2016 Chinese New Year Holidays

Dear partners and customers,

We will be on holidays during 5th~14th Feb., 2016 for the Chinese Lunar New Year (Spring Festival).

Office and factory will be closed during the following time:

Head Office: 5th~14th Feb.

Factory: 5th~10th Feb.

Thanks for your support to us all the time. We wish you enjoy happiness with us together.

Happy New Year 2016!

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