Become a Pretrace distributor in your region!

Pretrace is open minded to the win-win business relationship to our clients. High profitability and added value is guaranteed to the partners in this fast growing market. If you’re interested in becoming our distributor, please feel free to talk to us at any time.

What benefit you will get by becoming Pretrace distributor?

1) Whole Solution:

Pretrace provides high quality M2M hardware as well as the software, our hardware is compatible with most of the leading third party’s software platforms that ensure the whole solutions providing to fulfill your different projects/requirements.

Pretrace also has rich experience on OEM/ODM projects, we can provide the whole solution of new design/modified products from design, develop to produce. Our professional sales team and technical team will support you in a quick action. You just feel free to let us know your needs.

2) Region Protection:

Your will be protected by Pretrace in your region by distributing our products. No need to worry about everyone can sell same products and compete low price. We do not sell to everyone that will keep your high profit and market share.

3) Price Advantage:

Of course, you will have the most competitive price compare to the normal buyers. The more quantity you sell, the better price you will get.

4) Service Priority:

Pretrace will attach great importance to your needs, providing priority service on technical support, R & D support and sales support to you, especially when facing same projects in the same region.

5) Marketing Support:

Pretrace will support you on the marketing promotion, share the market information to help you gain more market share.

How to start to become a distributor of Pretrace?

Contact us! Feel free to share your thought with us, we will propose the suitable solution for you to enlarge your market share by becoming our distributor.

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